• Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, the first party you’ll host as a couple, and a day your friends and family will remember for the rest of their lives. It's a tough decision deciding which DJ to put in charge of such an important day. However, I make that decision easy.

    When it comes to your wedding, I am much more than just a DJ. When you book me you’re getting a certified wedding planner with a guidance packet, an awesome DJ who knows how to party, a skilled master of ceremonies, a sound and lighting expert, an experienced professional and most importantly, a friend that will proudly represent the both of you in front of all your guests. 

    I only accept four weddings per month which allows me to provide a personalized experience for each one of my brides. I’ll tailor your wedding specifically to your style, personality and vision. You’ll never see a cookie cutter wedding out of me, ever! You deserve a professional that will make the biggest day of your life the best day of the rest of your life! Don't wait, call, text or email me today.

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  • I have worked with numerous corporations throughout the years and enjoy working with them annually. Whether you need a DJ for a Holiday Party, Sound, Lighting, Video or simply microphones for a speech I've got you covered. My unique approach and personalization of each event allows each client to provide a unique party for their employees that will be fun, entertaining, and memorable! 

    Ask me about how we can utilize my lasers for logo projection, scrolling text, Christmas songs synced with laser animations and interactive games for your employees! 

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  • Uplighting is a technique in which lights are placed on the ground and aimed upward projecting light off walls, pillars and other objects alike. These multi-colored lights can be coordinated with your events overall color scheme and turn any venue into a beautiful, picturesque setting. Uplighting can set the mood for any situation by enhancing the entire rooms overall appeal. Soft warm colors set a romantic mood during the ceremony and dinner while bright festive colors will bring out the party atmosphere.

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  • Intelligent lighting is a two-light programmable system that can be used to enhance several aspects of your wedding or event. Their pan and tilt features allow full coverage of your venue; the color selection allows me to match your décor and their easy access allows for monograms to be inserted whenever you'd like. Here are some of the ways I utilize these lights to enhance your wedding or event.
    1. Add a personalized touch to your wedding or event with a static or moving monogram of any color.
    2. Make your entrance grand with a Spotlight Entrance.
    3. Spotlight your formal dances for a classy look of white on white (photographers love me when I do this!).
    4. Enjoy dinner under the stars.
    5. Use them as your dancefloor lights to get your party started!

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  • Make your wedding yours by adding the special touch of a monogram. My intelligent lights can project it wherever you'd like and in whatever color you'd like. Design your own or choose from 15 pages of customized designs built just for your wedding.

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  • Marquee letters are a great way to add a special touch to your wedding. Whether you want your initials in front of the dancefloor, CHEERS back by the bar or another word somewhere else I can make that happen for you. Each letter lights up and is approximately 3'8" tall and 2'8" wide. 

    What if I'm not your DJ? No problem, I have a rental contract that allows you to pick them up and drop them off when it's convenient for you! 

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  • Lasers are quickly becoming one of the most popular production items no matter the size or type of event your having. This is largely due to their versatility and ever increasing popularity! Check out some of my favorite ways to use them and who I have worked with below. 

    1. Use the lasers for your basic, but mesmerizing overhead effects.
    2. Project your custom monogram, logo, scrolling text or full color moving animations.
    3. Wow your guests with songs that are synced up perfectly with multiple lasers shooting overhead effects and full color moving animations.
    4. Get your guests involved by using my iPads to control the lasers and play games like tic tac toe, connect four, connect the dots and the match game.
    5. If you want to get really creative we can create custom cues to map out your logo, building, court, field or whatever else you'd like. 

    Some of my regular laser clients include the OKC Thunder, the San Franscisco 49's, Facebook, the Chainsmokers, Lil Yachty, EOTO, The Floozies and have also been featured on the Teen Choice Awards and The Late Night Show to name a few. 


  • Take your wedding or event to the next level with my Sparkular units! Utilize these during your ceremony, grand entrance, first dance, grand exit, speaker introductions, birthday celebrations or any other way you'd like while being completely safe. 

    Some advantages of Sparkulars versus actual pyrotechnics include no fire, no smoke, complete control over height and duration and knowing you can put your hand in the sparks without getting burnt (tested it myself haha).

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  • Your normal string / bistro lights with a special twist. These waterproof string lights provide that vintage look and feel that you're use to seeing while also being completely programmable. Set them to the candlelight color during cocktail hour and dinner and then watch as excitement and amazement come over your friends when the lights dance to the beat of the music. These are truly a unique touch that will have your friends, family, and co-workers in awe of your wedding or event for years to come!

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